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However, that is not the majority, and perhaps I could argue it's such a tiny statistic to consider that it only serves to weakly boost what the close-minded narrative is here, i. Take your beef up with the prefectures that don't raise it. Yes, it is true the age of consent was 13 up until quite recently in a few prefectures, but it is no longer the case. If you have search around on YouTube you'll find many Japanese TV clips from the 60' and 70's sexually exploiting young girls. The entire "cute baby talk" voices that office ladies are required to use at work are linguistic affectations used by office worker females to make the male bosses feel powerful. Those that do are old enough to flaunt their skin any way they choose and by old enough, I'm talking over the age of I really hope this is a turning point for you in your healing process.

The fact is, there are still two Japanese territories where the age of consent is

'Little idols': Japan's dark obsession with young girls

I was "shocked", no Japanese are So much of your story resonated with me as I have so many similar feelings and experiences as you do. Last time I went to a big shopping center there was a cutesy girl band singing and doing actions. I realized that my year-old was so curious about sex that she had turned to porn for answers. If you had been to them, you would notice a few things. It lets kids have their dream of being a star. That episode is about Marina Lonina, the teenager who filmed her friend being raped on the app Periscope and has to serve time in prison because of it.


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    I think she is Harper and I guess they go by the name 'Harper and Max'

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    thanks for the heads up

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    The sound is defased :C shame.