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It's part chick flick, part exercise in pop culture metatextuality, and part coming-of-age tale to the extent that you can come of age in Beverly Hills, a town that refuses to age. Hall needed was a bowl of oatmeal, a glass of OJ, an egg, and maybe some fruit. No, Murray, I didn't know what you were saying. I thought Cher was late for class because she was surfing. When you finally learned what a "hymen" was in seventh grade health class, this line from Dionne took on a whole new meaning. What made Tai think that Cher and Dionne could score her some weed is beyond me.

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Murray's most unforgivable behavior includes shaving his head, calling Dionne "woman," and not giving her more crap for wearing those ridiculous hats.

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Like any great movie, Cher's high school adventures with her fat I mean that in the cool, 90s-slang way clique of friends only seem to get better with time. I'm sorry, did you just out the dude that looks like Jason Priestley?! But surfing before school would explain why Cher was late for first period no pun intended. I did some heavy-duty research, and found 10 Clueless jokes that we probably missed. I thought Cher was late for class because she was surfing.

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