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The White Rabbit appears to her in a dream and she follows him into a strange wonderland. The movie explores modern relationships against a backdrop of pharmaceutrical companies and a young woman's personal battle with illness. She is then called to assist Humpty Dumpty, who has fallen off a wall, causing him to lose the ability to achieve an erection. Jessica Alba stripped bare: Having experienced a sexual awakening while in Wonderland, Alice accepts William's advances and they have sex in the library. A number of sexual escapades ensue among various characters as Alice prepares to carry out her sentence, including a brief lesbian encounter between Alice and the Queen's maids. Alice in Wonderland Theatrical release poster.

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While chasing the Rabbit, she falls into a river and begins to drown, but is saved by a group of local inhabitants.

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Retrieved January 20, Jessica Alba stripped bare: Lewis Carroll 's Alice. Hathaway has aleays flirted with danger and risky roles as the following scenes from early sexploitation shocker Havoc prove. It was later re-released on VHS with a title roll preceding the movie noting that while more hardcore footage had originally been shot, the footage "could not be included" in the final cut. On the way, they come across a couple having sex in an open field; Alice chastises them but she is ignored.

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