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This is incredibly arousing for both partners, and always leads to wonderful intercourse, far more satisfying than you ever experienced before. But what is arousing and exciting varies from woman to woman: But she must be careful to lower herself gently onto her man, for if he slips out as she descends, and her weight then falls onto his penis, he may be severely injured. At the height of passion and emotion the man can insert his penis into the vagina and, with forward and backward thrusting, coitus replaces the preparatory love-play. Both too can watch ejaculation over the woman's mons pubis and abdomen. This is best done by placing her on her knees with her thighs far enough apart for him to kneel.

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Instead of inserting his glans into her vagina, he puts its undersurface at the front of her vulval cleft, where the labia come together and, making movements of his pelvis, rubs it backwards and forwards in the crease.

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Another wonderful side by side shot, although he pulls out - why erotica producers think this is more desirable, I have no idea - for me the power of the man coming inside the woman is far more erotic. When you as a couple have discovered how to raise her pubic area to the height that allows deepest penetration when the woman is laying on the bed with her legs stretched straight, you can easily and quickly increase the depth of penetration to the maximum this position allows by having the woman draw up her knees towards her breasts as far as they will go without discomfort. The fact is, surprisingly enough, that the things which keep relationships together can also be the ones which bring a couple back together when they have split. They can certainly put a stop to sexual fun in the bedroom! When a woman is squatting over her man, she is able to achieve deep and satisfying penetration while controlling the depth to which his penis enters her. The pleasure of watching penetration Men, as you know, are very visual, and take great pleasure from the sight of their partner naked and sexually open to them, and they especially enjoy watching the act of penetration.

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